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finding new clients and customers

You had a great idea that you think can be a great business. You made it your goal to make this idea your business and you have successfully launched this business – your own brand. Congratulations, you did really good.

Getting clients and customers is now the headache. Trust me you’re not the only one finding this task daunting. We do too. The Good news however, is there are methods/ways you can seek and find these new clients and customers. Let me share 5 methods that work for me.

1. Invest in a good website.

This is very important in finding new clients. Your own website is a web location that potential customers and clients can visit to know what you do or sell and how to contact you. Your website is a key element in seeking and finding new clients.

A very good website will tell visitors what you can do and will equally convince them to try you out – pointing why they should buy from you. See why it is important?

2. Use Promos

To get new clients to buy your goods or services, you may need to create a promotional campaign where you offer your goods or services at a very low price for a certain number of clients and customers. Get super creative and ensure you spread word about your promo as far as possible.

3. Family and Friends

In your daily dealings with family and friends, listen closely as they speak about a need you can satisfy or fill. Be very proactive and offer to provide your service or product at a very discounted price to fill their need. The trick here is family and friends will believe more in what you do and can do when they have also experienced your great service. They will help spread word about your business like never before.

Word of caution! – Avoid offering your services or products to family and friends. It is important they know it is a business.

4. Referrals and Bonuses

Take advantage of your already existing clients and customers. Offer them bonuses and price slashes if they refer you to new clients and customers.

You may set up a referral program ensuring all your existing clients and customers know about such programs. Make sure whatever bonus or price slash you set up as rewards are very mouth-watering to your existing customers incentivizing them to become your service/product evangelists.

5. Current Clients

Your existing clients and customers can be made repeat customers. Make them! Do they have blogs, newsletters and/or events? Follow these religiously. Constantly seek for new ways you can help them grow as individuals and businesses and continue to offer suggestions to help their businesses.

You may also consider a newsletter system yourself. Send your existing clients and customers periodical emails notifying them about new products, offers and services you currently offer. Constantly and consistently show them you care. Be careful about the frequency of such mails so you do not overload your clients/customers.

Try these methods and return to let us know how well they worked for you. If you have other methods you want to share, please use the comment form below.

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