Effective Meetings

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Effective Meetings

effective meetings

Internal meetings are double-edged swords, on one hand they can help you achieve a lot as they are great for planning, brainstorming, and progress checks among other uses. On the other hand, meetings can destroy productivity especially when they happen all too often, are too long, or do not have clear objectives.

Firstly, one needs to keep in mind what kind of meeting it is, and then decide what approach to take. A meeting held at regular intervals to check progress and make adjustments on previously agreed upon goals and action plans should have no more than 3 components namely:

1. Achievements since the last meeting and what led to them

2. Challenges encountered and root causes

3. The way forward - what do we need to start, stop, and continue doing basically, in order to accomplish our objectives?

For a meeting held rather sparsely, there needs to be;

1. An agenda

2. Time allotted for each discussion point and strictly adhered to.

3. Assigned responsibilities

4. Points discussed communicated by host soon after.

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