Following Up On Your Clients/Customers

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Following Up On Your Clients/Customers

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Following up with your clients and customers is one of the most important actions a business owner can take. A follow-up makes them feel very special. It is a must for both existing and past clients and customers as it expands your network and cultivates the one you have currently.

Here Some Practices On How To Follow-Up With Clients and Customers

Getting to know them better
Getting to know your clients/customers may take some time. Although, we understand that business doesn’t have all the time in the world, but you do need to establish some sort of relationship with them in order to even start to have success.
Creating that relationship with them can help make the approach of getting referrals even easier. Your clients will know you and they will know thet you know them, if it’s a positive impression they’ll more likely talk about your business with others and before you know, you’ll have those referrals.

Recognizing certain milestones for a previous client/customer can go a long way. Were they featured in a huge publication? Did they release a new product? Is it their birthday? Or is it their company’s anniversary? Identify these milestones and celebrate them. Maybe, they don’t need your services now, but when they do and you’ll be top of mind.

Reminders can be exasperating sometimes, so how do you make it so you aren’t annoying? Add some context; give a little explanation why you are reminding a client/customer of a deadline or something you need. It will help keep expectations aligned and ensure things go smoothly.

Remembering those tasks may be even difficult for you, so setting up some type of automation to remind yourself of these things will help your business.

Being able to stay in touch with multiple clients/customers who are all at different stages is hard, but it’s not something you should forget or pass up because it’s a challenge. Following up with clients/customers is essential to the overall success of your business and will bring in even more future clients than you expect it would.

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