Must Read: Embracing Content Marketing and Improving Your Strategy

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Must Read: Embracing Content Marketing and Improving Your Strategy

content marketing

What is content marketing? You may wonder. I’d like to define content marketing as the use of a company or business blog, email newsletter and/or social media to provide valuable information to existing and potential customers with a view to increase website traffic, social media followers and brand loyalists, generate leads and eventually maximize sales.

The secret to a successful content marketing lies in your content marketing strategy. To help establish what your content marketing strategy will be ask yourself these questions:

What goals am I looking to accomplish?
How do I measure my success?
What content marketing channels will I use?
Who will create, edit and publish content?
How frequently will I create new content and distribute it through my selected channels?

Answering these questions satisfactorily sets you on the right path to creating a content marketing strategy that will surely put you on a pedestal to success.

I am sure you are already big on the idea of employing content marketing. Read on to find 4 key factors that will ensure you create a cutting-edge content marketing strategy.

1. Generate unique content

Truth be told, there is more than a truck-load of other entrepreneurs – even your competition – already distributing content using the various available channels. This means that in order to succeed in your quest to distribute content, you must focus on providing unique content all the time.

Ask yourself: does someone already have a similar content? How likely will the competition deliver this information? You want to ensure your content is highly unique and of an outstanding quality. This way, potential customers will readily follow your brand.

2. Focus on providing valuable information

Consumers are already weary of the various tricks and manipulative techniques marketers and businesses employ to advertise and sell products/services to them. To constantly appeal to consumers, your strategy must include consistent delivery of content that is valuable and useful to them. This way you begin to develop their trust in you and they can easily become your customers.

So do not consider your content marketing as a method to ultimately advertise or sell your products or services. If you do this, you risk losing the followership you crave.

3. Integrate images and videos

Look at these stats:

Articles with images receive 94% more views than those without.
67% of consumers say the quality of images on an ecommerce site is very important to their buying decision.
Using visual content on Facebook can result in up to 65% more engagement after just one month.
Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without.

These indicates that the use of images and videos – what I call visual content – is key to having a successful content marketing strategy.

4. Forget short term, think long term

Do not ever think content marketing is a one post – major break endeavour. No! You do not see the results immediately. Content marketing requires a consistent and continuous approach. You need to prove to your followers and subscribers that you’re in this form of marketing for the long haul.

I believe you’re already planning on what your content marketing strategy will be. If you’re, I wish you the best of success as you craft your strategy.

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