In a bid to commemorate our 3rd Anniversary, we are
giving out a few coupons that qualify a couple of customers for a static small business
website at ₦102,000 only - about 55% off.

With this offer, we will setup a 4-6 page static website for
your business or brand including your Home Page,
About Page, Services Page, Products Page (if applicable),
Blog/News Page (if applicable) and Contact Page.

All websites will be built on the WordPress platform which makes 25% of the web.

Website Features

website layout

Professional Website Layout

We will build the front end of the website using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework (the most modern and global standard for website front end).
social media

Social Media Integration

Links to your business' social media profiles and pages on the website.
content management system

Content Management System

WordPress integration which will allow for a back-end where editors, contributors and administrators can regularly update content.
mobile layout

Mobile Layout

Addition of a Responsive script which will instruct the website to conform to the size of the device it is viewed in.
web hosting


A shared business hosting plan that offers unlimited bandwidth, a minimum of 20GB website storage space and promises a reliable 99.9% uptime.
website security

Website Security

We will integrate a website firewall that will prevent brute force attacks, advanced denial of service attacks and malware attacks.
google analytics

Google Analytics

We will register your new website on google webmaster tools and search console and submit the website for google analytics. This will provide profound insights that can inform business decisions and web strategies.
branded emails

Branded Emails

We will set up branded mailboxes ([email protected]) and host them on Zoho secured mail servers. This is available for only 25 users at 5GB per user.
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