What exactly is your business going to be famous for?

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What exactly is your business going to be famous for?

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This is no trivial question. This is at the core of why you are in business, why you wake up every day and want to serve your customers. If you do not already have the answer to this question or only a vague one, it is important that you (and your team) dig really deep to find it because this will be the reason why customers keep coming and spread word about you products or services. It is also vital to staff motivation and performance.

We are not talking about some vision or mission statement that has been long forgotten, this does not necessarily have to be in the exact same words each time you get to tell someone about it. It simply points to the emotional experience customers get from choosing to do business with you.

Here are a few examples of what one could say the following brands are famous for.

Nike - Cool, comfortable sportswear.
Apple - Powerful, cutting edge, user friendly devices and software.
GTBank - Ahead of the curve in the use of technology for service delivery.
DSTV - More TV channels to select from than competitors.
Etisalat - Fast internet, flexible data plans.

You will find that each of these brands has its distinct mission/vision statements but the above are concrete descriptions of their offerings. So here's the thing, if a customer had to tell a friend about your product, service or business, how would you have them describe it?

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